Corporate Events

So you need a comedian for a corporate event? You have a lot of choices out there. Here’s why I think you should hire me:

1) I’ve been performing corporate clean comedy shows for over 10 years.

2) I’ve performed for over 500 corporate functions (company parties, Christmas parties, retirement parties, etc.).

3) I will work to customize material around your event and industry.

4) Tons of references

5) When you need a corporate clean or PG-13 rated comedian I’m the man for the job.

I’ve performed corporate shows for the following groups:


Fortune 1 Fortune 2 Fortune 3 Fortune 4      Fortune 6 Fortune 7 Fortune 8 Fortune 9 Comcast Fortune 10   Fortune 15 Fortune 14  Fortune 13  Fortune 12  Fortune 11 Fortune 16  Fortune 21  Fortune 20  Fortune 19  Fortune 18  Fortune 17Fortune 5